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03:07am 11/06/2005

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04:51pm 15/12/2003
mood: non-artistic
Okay, it is making me oddly sad that no one is talking on here..

but I have a question.

My mom is starting a collection of pictures. They are black and white, taken of things outside. They tend to be close ups with a blurry background.

I took this picture of a tree branch with ice on it at 125 f30 and she loved it. She told me the perfect christmas present from me would be a couple of pictures like that that she could hang through out the house.

problem is this. I am not creative. The picture was taken to fulfill a class assignment.. it just so happens most everyone I show it to likes it..

so my question is; What should I take pictures of?

Arf. Please help me.. it's only like.. a week and a half until christmas. :(

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10:07pm 11/08/2003
mood: gloomy
Shaving_Cream_ArtCollapse )

So, i made these...Saterday. This is my kind of art. The kinda where it doesnt take alot of skill, and you can get a different and cool outcome every time. I made this with shaving cream and colored ink. I sprayed shaving cream on a big styrofoam plate, put some dye in and swirled it around, and dipped cardstock into the foam.

I dont know if it classifies as art, but i thought it looked pretty cool.

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An old eagle pencil drawing... 
12:35pm 10/08/2003
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03:21pm 09/08/2003

I'm Steve, and I have no artistic skills. Sallie just told me to join. Drawing is not my forte, but i can draw some pretty mean Sharpie Squirrels

*sigh* A sharpie SquirrelCollapse )

I just kinda doodle. And a squirrel came to me in Health class. We were talking about food. Ice cream, to be exact. A squirrel and ice cream. So, i drew a squirrel.....eating ice cream. Lol...Post whatever you want. Tell me it sucks. I'll see if i can get some good stuff on here.

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01:43am 09/08/2003
  Give it to me gentlyCollapse )  

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How it's done..... 
12:36am 09/08/2003
  This is how the tiger pic was done. Just take it in stages....

Many giant pictures for reference...Collapse )

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Well let's give this a shot.... 
11:52pm 08/08/2003
  Here is a tiger pic from a couple of months ago.....

See it...Collapse )

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