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art eternal

for artists that haven't starved to death yet

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Welcome to Art Eternal! This is a place for those of you who like art, in any form - music, paintings, photography, sculpture - whatever you like. You don't have to be starving, you don't even have to be suffering to join. All we ask is that you contribute what you make once in a while, and give other people feedback (constructive criticism) on their work.

A few rules:

-Introduce yourself. Why join a community if you don't want to meet anyone?

-LJ-cut any pictures you make. Try to spare those poor dial-up AOL-ers a little grief. (Yes, I realize the background will defeat the purpose, but c'est la vie - c'est l'art.) This FAQ explains how to use them.

-Try to keep things PG-13 or below. Naked people might be fun to draw, but we wouldn't want to be kicked off LJ, would we?

-Post your own work. Be it photos, collages, drawings, cartoons, mp3s... whatever you post, don't steal someone else's. You will be banned if you do this.

-Keep criticism to a reasonable level. If you say something negative about someone's work, explain how it could be made better. Be fair. Be nice.

-Have fun!

What are you waiting for? Join!