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So, i made these...Saterday. This is my kind of art. The kinda where it doesnt take alot of skill, and you can get a different and cool outcome every time. I made this with shaving cream and colored ink. I sprayed shaving cream on a big styrofoam plate, put some dye in and swirled it around, and dipped cardstock into the foam.

I dont know if it classifies as art, but i thought it looked pretty cool.
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i doodle in the shower like that. well, kinda. i take away shaving cream to doodle. it's fun, and a great excuse to stay in the shower to annoy family members.

i like the marble look, i alays thought that was so cool.
That classifies as art.

..and thats the kind of art I like and the kind of art I do.

I can't do pictures like Sallie does.. of people.

I get so frustrated when I can't get parts of the body to look right and it ends up not being fun.. and whats the point of art if you don't have fun doing it?
I cant draw peope either. I can never figure out which way to angle the feet, and hands turn into....suasage blobs.
I swear that first one has a draconic look too it!

I can see a wing... and a head... hehe. :P
Yeah, I can kinda see that. The green blob's kinda like the head....and the wing i can see....Maybe...
*brings up GIMP*
It's a quick outline, but you can see it:

ahhh....the dragon I was seeing was.....bigger...
Care to clarify a bit?
no...not really! It was more a huge, midevil (sp) dragon. I dont know. rar.
There is no "medievil" kind of dragon, but by the sound of it, you're refering to a western style one. Quadruped, wings, body is unlike a snake. Sorta like this, correct?
Exactly! the one i saw looked like it was kinda reared up on its hind legs..Something...i dont know...
Biped western dragon then! :D

So it looked liked this?

Hehe, Kristen Buckner is an excellent artist.
Yeah, it kinda looked like that...maybe i will have to draw an outline...or something.
You do that. :P
Lol. I just did. It looks like a duck. Or a swan. Breathing fire. You wouldnt want to see this.
How would you know what decisions my mind makes?

Or... minds? Heh heh heh... :P
ok..well...let me redraw this..and i put it up.
Nevermind. I think i butchered it. I better not post it.