theultimate42 (theultimate42) wrote in eternal_artiste,

Well let's give this a shot....

Here is a tiger pic from a couple of months ago.....

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Woo! What'd you use to make it?

All I can make is stupid purple stuff in GIMP.

But thats really good. *jealous*
Started out with pencil and then layered it with pastels!

How long did it take?
Oh, about 18 hours or so. Trying to get the fur to look right was difficult. It looks better in real life than the scan does!
wow. have any advice?

I tend to lean towards abstract drawings.. not because I like them, but because you can throw paint on a canvas and people wont say "That doesn't look like a nose."
There is nothing wrong with abstract or fantasy art, as long as the artistic effort is actually put into it. As my uncle says, "If I can do it, it's not art!" lol!! So as long as there is good work and effort put into it then you are on the right track. Most importantly, make sure your work makes you happy when you are done with it!